When it comes to the Japanese sports cars, I think that there is not much left that has not been said. For years now, Japan is setting standards for what a powerful and modern sports car suppose to look like, function, what is the best design, construction, and so on. Of course, at the very front of the Japanese sports car is the one and only Nissan GTR, the car with an impeccable reputation and well earned status that makes the opponents look at it with fear and tremble. However, at the very top of the Japanese sports car brands is definitely Mitsubishi Evo IX as well.

For years, it is one of the most explosive and fastest cars, that is very friendly to tuning. So when we have a drag battle between two great examples of Mitsubishi Evo and Nissan GTR R35, it is clear that we are about to see a suspenseful and thrilling race!

The video that we have prepared in this article features two opponents that have all the features and attributes for on such race. First one is a Mitsubishi Evo IX that is running on E85 fuel, powered by a FP Super 94 Turbo HKS 4.11, with a Drenth Sequential Gear Box, that can deliver 900 HP.

And the GTR example is no joke either! Powered by SIR Stage 3.5 Turbo engine, with 2000cc Injectors, also running on E85 fuel, and boosting more than 1 000 HP!

I believe that this is more than enough to giggle your curiosity and make you watch this nightly drag race on an open road carefully and have fun in the process! So, without further adieu, check out the video and have fun! And if you want to learn something more about the Evo IX Sequential Gear Box, click here.