Amazing JAGUAR 360 Windscreen – Blind Spots Are A Thing Of The Past!

Jaguar revealed that they are developing a brand new virtual-reality cockpit called the 360 Urban Virtual Windscreen. This Jaguar 360 windscreen has the goal to diminish blind spots. This state-of-the-art automotive technology aims to allow the driver something never imagined before which is vision through the vehicle`s pillars. This sounds very excellent in urban conditions because drivers will have a complete view and awareness of their surroundings. For intersections, the Jaguar will use transparent “A” pillars which will be used for a perfect vision on oncoming bicyclists, pedestrians or cars. When there are perilously close pedestrians or dangerous obstacles, this magical system will actually flag the interloper.

That is not all, in dangerous situations the Jaguar 360 windscreen will also project a warning that will be shown on the windshield itself using the vehicle`s heads-up-display. For changing lanes or reversing, this virtual technology will render the vehicle`s B and C pillars invisible as well. That means the driver won`t have such an obstructed view over his/her shoulder. This wizardry will also have the ability to be connected to the internet, gaining access to the whole road infrastructure. This will deliver tons of information such as petrol prices, vacant parking lot places in a mall and more. The 360 Urban Virtual Windscreen sure looks promising and we can`t wait to see it in Jaguar`s commercial vehicles! What about you?

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