Is This The BEST HILL CLIMB LAUNCH Ever?! Must See!

As Motor Heads, we usually know almost everything about race events and styles of racing!!! However, some of them are unfamiliar with us, or we have heard very few about it! Don`t know about you, but according to US, we think that DESERT RACING is not really popular as it SHOULD BE!!! The machines that compete HERE, are HELL OF MACHINES! They can go through sand like a normal car would go on a freshly paved road! However, the video shows us such BEAST with the perfect hill climb LAUNCH!!!

The audience here has a lot to see as these races offer A LOT!! Not only can day see POWERFUL ENGINES and MONSTER BEASTS, the can see a whole show when they drive! The sand that gets flown behind them, reaches the height of a wave during a TSUNAMI!!! These fellas have SPECIALIZED SUSPENSIONS with a very INCREASED wheel travel! The  event takes place at the sandiest land ever, Saudi Arabia! The sand is HOT and so are the TIRES!!! Which is why, dear readers and beloved Gearheads, we would like to show the following hill climb video! Enjoy this performance Ladies and Gentlemen!

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