We know how much you guys love burnouts, especially when they come from a high horsepower BEAST such as this CUMMINS 6 speed you are about to see! What is even more impressive about this burnout is that it is performed by a girl!!! These kinds of things are not popular among the girls, but there is an exemption for everything! However, check out the burnout performed by Trisha Finke, the owner of a mechanic shop named B-Town Diesel, located in Burlington, Kentucky! She is the proud owner of a 2006 Cummins 6 speed Diesel and is ready to show all the guys how burnouts are done!

The truck is well equipped including bunch of go-fast parts such as a 100% Exergy Performance injectors as well as Fleece Performance Engineering Tune! We must say that this truck is a REAL MONSTER! Anyway, the truck`s horsepower was not always 850 horsepower, before having the 100% Energys, it was dyno`d at 813 hp! That doesn`t really matter, as she is now ready for every challenge possible, she can participate in any contest and expect the biggest prize! Are you ready? Want to see how it is done? Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Trisha Finke!