Instant Tesla P85D Acceleration Saved Owner From A Terrible Crash! Amazing Piece Of Technology!

Instant torque is definitely an awesome selling point for E-vehicles. Generally speaking, this is a lot of fun. However, it also adds a lot of safety as this video can attest to it. For example, it helps you a lot when overtaking another vehicle on a highway. The real benefits of this system comes to light the most if you possess a quicker reaction time. This can help you evade an impending crash. Having said that, in this video you can exactly see how beneficial this system can really be. It`s about an instant Tesla P85D acceleration system that helps the owner from an impending crash.

This happened to a guy who is very well known in the Tesla community and goes by the name of – Jason Hughes. He is mainly known for his incredible projects like building a 1000HP electric vehicle using Chevy Volt batteries and a Tesla drivetrain. In this one, we check as his dash cam mounted on the rear recorded a near miss. A Prius driver was not really paying enough attention and almost crashed in the Tesla`s rear end. Judging by the lane markings on the road, it`s very obvious that the Toyota Prius stopped exactly where the Tesla P85D was. Fortunately, no one was hurt due to the instant Tesla P85D acceleration system.

A remarkable car like Tesla can astonish you in many ways, drifting comes in as well!