The Inside Of This Toyota FJ Cruiser Makes Whining NOISE! What Could It Be?

Whining NOISE? This looks like a problem that no mechanic has the right solution for. However, we decided to share it with you guys and see if you have any proper advice. Now most of us want to get the work done by ourselves. Whether it be looking for the solution from a friend, the technical manual or the mighty internet. After turning every rock, this Toyota FJ Cruiser owner who has a strange whining noise coming from his truck, opted to share his problem on YouTube via JukinVideo. The problem sounds very familiar, but we just can`t put our mind to it.

Hilarious Toyota FJ Cruiser Whining Noise 4

So, the whining noise started right after this guy came back from his mother-in-law`s place. In fact, it happens every time he comes back from his mother-in-law. The owner doesn`t know if it`s a gravel road when they are leaving or what it is. You actually can`t hear it in the engine bay though. However, when he opens the door of the Toyota FJ Cruiser, the annoying whining noise begins.

It stops when he closes the door, but when he opens it again, the noise comes back. The guy has no clue where this is coming from. If you guys have any advice on the matter, give him a shout.

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