Dean Nelson Runs With His Black Betty Just To Get One Over On His Wife! HILARIOUS Video!

Everybody knows that marriage is truly a wonderful thing. It has upsides and downsides, which is perfectly normal. Most importantly, you have to keep it dynamic. Because boredom and monotony can only do harm. Anyways, take a look at Dean Nelson and see how he keeps his marriage exciting and just maybe you will learn something from him! Trust us, this video will most definitely make your day!

Dean Nelson Runs With His Black Betty Just To Get One Over On His Wife!

We are all familiar with the fact that every woman knows that she has to keep herself in good shape. Dean Nelson`s wife runs six to 10 miles a day outside, which is always good for her health. He, however, decided to take things on a whole new level. As you can probably see, Dean `runs` incredibly fast! Plus, he is not alone. He has his Black Betty with him to keep him company. And they are really having a blast. It is great for your body and mind, and the adrenalin rush is another perk. On top of it, he manages to get one over on his wife with his calories burn. Pun intended! Mr. Nelson really knows what he is doing, he also knows that marriage is a competition and if you cannot compete with each other and if you are not having fun, then you are doing it wrong.

As you can see, Dean Nelson can keep it fun and dynamic and you have to give it to him. He probably could not do it without his Black Betty. It is there both to be his companion and help him burn his wife. You can never put a price on that. His wife must be bursting out laughing and that is exactly what you get when you marry such a cool guy with an awesome Black Betty chopper!

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