Inside The Lamborghini & Ferrari Scrapyard in England!

It`s very sad when exotic cars end up in scrapyards, but this Ferrari scrapyard gives them a new life after death. The parts of the scraped exotic cars are then sold to be used in other perfectly functional supercars. This scrapyard is located in Halstead, Essex which is a small town just north of London. The customers of this scrapyards and their requirements are pretty exclusive. You`ll see one Ferrari F40 owner who has crashed the classic car and is now in requirement of a new part. This scrapyard that goes by the name of Eurospares can deliver that requirement.

Inside The Ferrari Scrapyard 2

We are talking about extremely limited parts that only this place in England can get. That said, this is a spare parts paradise for car enthusiasts. This Ferrari scrapyard is the size of four soccer stadiums. In here only the crème de la crème of vehicles are salvaged. That said, besides Ferraris you can find many other different car parts from cars such as Maserati and Lamborghini. We are talking about the prettiest and fastest cars originating from the land of car designers – Italy.

The owner of this luxurious scrapyard is James Pumo. He has vast passion for Italian exotic cars and that he inherited that passion from his Italian father. The company has grown a lot throughout the years and now has customers from all around the world. According to Pumo, the most demanded parts are windscreens, wheels and any part for the front where most damage occurs when crashing.

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