Those Are Some Impressive Pilot Skills! See How Pilots Land On The Scariest Airport In Europe!

Becoming a pilot is definitely not easy. You have to go through a lot of training in order to get your license. Sometimes this training can last up to two years! But no matter how good you are and how much practice you have had, there are times where you are just not prepared. We are talking about landing on Europe`s scariest airport! Pilot skills alone will not be sufficient on this airport, as its crosswinds are packing enough force to catch any pilot off guard! The task is not impossible though, but it is much harder than a typical landing.

This infamous airport is located on Madeira, a Portuguese island that is well known as a tourist hotspot. Just watching this footage can possibly discourage you to ever board a plane again! Especially if you are going to this exact place!

At the 1 minute mark, you can see windmills in the background. They are not moving at all! They are in lock mode because strong winds can destroy them! This is just a testament to how strong the winds at this airport are! That makes these landings even more amazing! The people who manage to land on this windy airport definitely have great pilot skills. One pilot even decided to opt out of landing, probably thinking he cannot make it! We just wonder how the passengers on board feel about the landing.

We don`t know about you, but with that kind of turbulence, we would be quite scared to be honest! Nonetheless, if you an adrenaline lover and travel enthusiast, this is probably the perfect experience for you! Check out this nerve wrecking footage of planes trying to land on Madeira`s airport, and be amazed at the pilot skills these guys have!

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