2016 SEMA SHOW – Ike Taylor’s 1968 FORD MUSTANG In The Restomod Air!

I believe that we have already told you that the Ford Mustang stand was one of the most attractive, and logically, most visited at this years SEMA show in Vegas. There were so many outstanding specimens of the America`s most famous pony car, we really didn`t know where to begin, and where to end. However, we did our best to do a full coverage of every important and memorable example of the Ford Mustang fleet, that was displayed in the biggest car show in the world!

And Ike Taylor`s babe, that you`re going to see in the following clip, his flawless and perfect 1968 Ford Mustang, that had its first time in the Restomod Air, was definitely one of them. This jaw-dropping pony was built by Customs By Kilkeary, and it has a 5.0 litre V8 Alumintor Coyote under the hood, mated to a D-1 Procharger, TCI 4L80E transmission, and boosts around 850 HP.

But, it`s one thing to read words and numbers about it, and completely another to actually see this insanely awesome `Stang with your own eyes. So, check out the video below, and see what you make of it! And if you want to find out something more about it, go to this link.