Here’s The Well Know Drift Beast! The 2017 FORD MUSTANG RTR MONSTER ENERGY At 2016 SEMA SHOW! How Can You Resist It?!

Yes, we are all quite sure that for most of you, it`s enough only to read the first words about it, let alone see it, to know that it`s the favorite `drift tool`, of the maestro, Vaughn Gittin Jr – the Ford Mustang RTR Monster Energy. Only the new, 2017 version. To be perfectly honest with you, during our stay at the 2016 SEMA show in Vegas, we had completely forgotten about it. But it took only a split second to get back all those images of burning rubber, creating tons of white smoke, and all the other beautiful things we love so much, and that had become a synonym for this `Stang.

From what we could have found out, there were not many changes in the new model, compared with its predecessor, the 2016 Ford Mustang RTR. And why should it be, when the purpose for its existence is the same – to compete in the Formula Drift series, with Mr. Vaughn Gittin Jr behind the wheel., and it gives results

Under the hood there`s the well known Ford Performance/Roush Yates 436 cubic inch V8 motor, that delivers 900 HP, the entire body is pretty light, it weighs only about 3 100 lbs, and so far, it has won a couple of Formula Drift rounds from this year`s series.

Thus, without any further adieu, check out the video below, and see this drift beast yourselves! And in a case you want to make a comparison with the previous, 2016 model, go to this link.