Oh Boy, It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than THIS! Check Out This BLACK CUSTOM 1970 OLDSMOBILE At 2016 SEMA SHOW!

You know that feeling when you go from one place to another, and everywhere you look, you see insanely cool rides, but at one moment, you come across a specific example that make you forget about all the rest, and you can`t help it but just stare at it? Well, if you know what we`re saying, then it`ll be also quite clear how we felt when we saw the following vintage Detroit muscle, that you`ll see in the video below. It`s a 1970 highly customized Oldsmobile, that comes with a black paint job, and a potential heart attack!

Yes, it`s that good! But of course, that goes if you are mainly a classic American muscle aficionado, like most of us, on this side of the Musclecarszone.com. And to tell you the truth, given just how much buzz there was around this jaw-dropping ride, a perfect on-ground restoration that lasted about a year, combined with our state of total mesmerization by it, we could not really get most of the info about it, except that it comes from Tennessee.

Besides it`s glossy black paint job, it`s interior is also mainly in a black tone (with a very few exceptions), the style is kept quite simple, with only a few editions to the classic look, like the new bucket seats, and the wheel.

So, you better have a look at it yourself, and see what you make of it! And if you want to see more vintage American muscles that were displayed at 2016 SEMA, go to this link.