Hyundai i40 Wagon Review- “Modern Premium” vehicle with High-end Features, Spacious Interior and Top Quality at Accessible Price!

hyundai i40 wagon side

Hyundai i40 is Designed and Engineered at the Company’s European R&D Headquarters in Rüsselsheim, Germany!

Geneva Motor Show in 2011 was the first red carpet public appearance of Hyundai i40. This Hyundai model was manufactured in Germany and it offers consumers a good deal for a good price. What the automobile market experts expect is by 2016, 890 000 units to be sold in Europe only. They think that this 4.7 long wagon Hyundai model is quite attractive for buyers, but the 5-year warranty including vehicle health checks, roadside assistance and warranty all with duration of 5 years to make this car even more irresistible.

Design Inspiration from Genus Concept Car!

Genus was the actual inspiration for Hyundai`s i40 external appearance design. Therefore the external design of Hyundai i40 is convenient and at the same time modern and dominated by a grille which makes Hyundai i40 a genuine car on the European market. We now give you the facts and figures of Hyundai i40:

--          cargo capacity from 553 liters up to 1719 liters

--          shoulder room 1455 mm

--          leg room 1170 mm

--          front head 1025mm

--          wheelbase 2.77 meters

“We developed the Genus concept and matured it into the i40, our vision of a truly unique European car,” said Thomas Buerkle, Chief Designer at Hyundai’s European Technical Center.


hyundai i40 wagon front side

New Powerful and Fuel Efficient Engines!

When it comes to Hyundai i40 engine you get to choose from four Euro V-compliant engines: two diesel and two petrol. These engines offer you a power range from 115 ps to 177 ps. Even though 75% of the overall demand belongs to the diesel engine, Hyundai believes that the U-II 1.7 liter diesel engine offering 136 ps will be the most common option of all sorts of buyers. As far as “Nu” is concerned which actually is the 4 cylinder two-liter GDI engine, it is incorporated in i40 for the first time and it`s more eco-friendly, has high ranking NVH traits and is less greedy in terms of fuel.  This 1 999 cc unit develops 177 ps and 213 Nm of torque and is equipped with gasoline direct injection (GDI) system. With this kind of engine Hyundai i40 will develop speed to 130 kph (81mph) in 15.7 seconds. Its fuel consumption is 6.71/100km and CO2 emissions are 156g/km.

Eco Friendly Powertrain!

When combined drive with the 1.7-litre diesel  developing 115 ps, the inclusion of these “Blue Drive” features means that CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency register at a  low 113 g/km with 4.3 l/100km, making the i40 Wagon the most eco-friendly model in its class.

hyundai i40 wagon interior

Reduced NVH with Reciprocal Holography and Advanced Diagnostic Network Algorithm!

This noise, vibration and harshness package or abbreviated NVH provides more quiet and enjoyable drive for diesel motors. Hyundai i40 contains this system which significantly reduces the noise produced while driving. This NVH system is consisted of different applications, such as the advanced diagnostic network algorithm (ADNA) that provides a noise source ranking and the Reciprocal Holography that provides visualization of reduced noise levels.

High-tech Features are the Key Attractions to Potential Buyers of the i40!

When you get an insight in Hyundai i40 equipment you notice that all technical characteristics the car possesses are usually optional in other cars. Advanced technical characteristics include novelties such as LCD supervision instrument cluster and day-think lights with Xenon headlamp that makes this model a leading product on the European D- segment market. other advanced technological characteristics that are part of this car`s profile include: Bluetooth connection with voice identification and full map navigation, electric parking brake, smart parking assist system, line-keeping assist system, auto-defog system, front air-ventilation, rear seats heating and heated steering wheel.

hyundai i40 wagon sunroof

Excellent Safety Record with 5-star Result under Euro NCAP’s Impact Assessment!

Hyundai is well known for its almost perfect safety equipment. Hyundai i40 is not an exception which is proved by the five-star award under the Euro NCAP`s impact assessment. Let`s make brief recapitulation! Hyundai i 40 has active and passive safety system. The passive system includes knee airbag, nine front, side and curtain airbags. The active system includes anti-lock braking system (ABS). Hill Start Assist Control, Vehicle Stability Management, Electronic Stability Program, Emergency stop and Break assist system.

In terms of passive safety, every i40 on the road in Europe it’s fitted with up to 9 airbags (front, side and curtain), together with driver-knee airbag  as standard on all the models. The  i40 continue the Hyundai’s excellent safety record and received the maximum Five-star result at the Euro NCAP‘s impact assessment.

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