Huge Wheel Loader Runs Over Mercedes! At Least The Head Light Still Works!

Now this is a story that many, if not all, of you can relate to. You find a job and you start working hard trying to make a living. However, your boss is a person with no values and respect for workers. Those types of bosses can literally drain a person`s will for work! If you can relate to this, then you also must have thought of how to get back at your boss. Well, we think what this guy did will be very effective! He took a huge wheel loader and ran over a poor Mercedes! That car got utterly destroyed!

What we were most impressed by is the car battery. As you can see, even after being crushed, one of the head lights is still working! Now that is impressive! This Mercedes went from Mercedes Benz to Mercedes Bends! Anyways, this video is obviously staged, as you will notice that there was no engine or seats in the car. Nevertheless running over a car with a huge wheel loader looks awesome! We are certain that some of you wished that Mercedes was actually your boss`s car! Press play on the video below to watch how a Mercedes bends! Enjoy the show!

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