Leave it to creative people to make an ordinary machine more fun to work with! When you see a wheel loader, you normally presume that it is used for construction. Well, in the video that we have for you today you will have the pleasure of seeing a wheel loader being used for a show. In this video, a Cat 928 wheel loader is used for a balancing act! We know that you are wondering right now “How can a wheel loader be used for a balancing act“? This is why we are here to show you how it can be done!

The operator of this Cat 928 wheel loader is named Antonio and is really skilled with this piece of heavy machinery. He cleverly uses the wheel loader to balance on the front wheels, using the bucket in front to keep his balance. Furthermore, he has absolutely no trouble keeping his balance while going back on forth all the time. Those are some impressive skills we must admit! Like we said, creative people will always find a way to make things more interesting, and that is exactly what Antonio has done! Watch the video below and enjoy his one of a kind showcase!

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