Truck Got Stuck & Had To Be SCRATCHED To Get Out!

Once in a while you meet some people who are not the sharpest tool in the box. That seems to be the case with the guy in this video. He seems to have made a rush decision which did not really go his way as his truck got stuck.

When you are the driver of such a big and large truck, you just have to know better and avoid getting into traps where you do not have as much space as you need. But this guy did not know better and now he finds himself in a pickle. He simply cannot find a way out of this difficult situation where his truck got stuck and get it straight. He tried multiple times and completely failed. Madness!

On top of it, he is blocking half the street, leaving no space for other cars to go through. There is a certain point when it is no longer funny, but sad and frustrating. So, seeing no other option, this guy decides to go with the flow and force his way out. He scratches the truck on the side, but he does not seem too bothered about it. There will certainly be repercussions for him-that is what happens when you make rush decisions!

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