How About This 9-Second 1968 Charger!? That Thing Is MOVING!

Probably all of you remember well the 1970 Dodge Charger from “The Fast and the Furious”, for whom it was said that it is a 9 second car with a blown charger that gives an output of 900 pound feet of torque, right? Well, we have told you already that those numbers and the car that was really used in the film have little in common. But that is why this 1968 Charger that you are going to see in the following video is a real 9 second car, that almost rips off the tarmac from the strip.

What we have here is a video with two great real Detroit muscles, one 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo, with a Twin Turbo under the hood, running a great 9.75 seconds at 138 mph. After it, the turn is for the legendary 1968 Charger, powered by a Mopar`s big block, and with a blower, that manages to beat that time, achieving awesome 9.39 seconds at 144 mph! Pretty impressive, right?

To tell you the truth, it is probably one of the fastest `68 Chargers that I have seen on the strip. Plus, it also looks totally awesome. Too bad the video is not with a better quality, but it really is a pleasure to watch such a car in action, so it really does not matter all that much. So check it out and see what I`m talking about.

If you want to find out something about the `68 Charger R/T with the legendary 426 Hemi, go to this link.