Polish Drifter Bartosz is Drifting His Nissan WITH HIS FEET!

We have seen many great drift-driving action videos, watched how the professionals are doing it, but if anyone who had at least tried to do it himself, knows how difficult and hard thing is to drift your car. And to do it without the use of your hands? That is something! And if there is someone out there who thinks it is impossible, here we have one incredible 28 year old guy from Poland, his name is Bartosz Ostalowska, and he is showing to all of us that there is no such thing. Bartosz is a Polish drifter who had suffered a terrible accident a few years back in 2006, in which he had lost both of his arms.

But that did not stop him or took the Polish drifter away from his love for driving and drifting, but made him try to do something that was seemingly impossible – learning to drift only by using his feet. Of course, it took some time, but eventually he found himself behind the wheel once again. Now he is using his left feet to steer the car, and the right one to do all the other things.

He uses his specially designed and adapted Nissan Skyline GTR R34 that is equipped with a GM Ls V8 motor and an automatic gearbox, to satisfy his passion and do what he always wanted to do. Drifting that awesome car and enjoy every second of it.

Just watch the video with Bartosz that we have prepared for you in this article and get mesmerized. And if you want to see other, a little bit different drifting action with bikes and cars, go to this link.