Here’s Something That’ll Skyrocket Your ADRENALINE RUSH! The Best Open Road TOP SPEED OVERTAKES!!!

Top speed overtakes! It`s one of those things that used to make us feel the adrenaline rush inside our bodies skyrocketing like crazy, even from the time when we were no more than little brats, driving in the car with our dads! I guess that this is the period when the Gearhead in us got conceived, and we began to get interested in the fast and powerful rides. It transferred to the RC cars, and then the neighborhood drag races with our friends, and when we became teenagers, we felt the real thrill behind the wheel of a car for the first time!

Yes! I believe that most of you will agree with me if I say that it`s the experience of the high speed overtakes, usually on an open road, and sometimes in the city streets, when we began developing our passion for fast rides! And it`s still one of the things to which none Gearhead could remain indifferent, right?

Thus, today we have decided to show you the following clip, that`s actually a really thrilling compilation of fifteen open road top speed overtakes, between all kinds of beasts on two and four wheels. You`ll get to see insane face offs between rides like the Honda CBR 600 RR and Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe, Yamaha R6 and BMW M4 Coupe, Lamborghini Huracán and Honda CBR 1000RR, Suzuki Hayabusa and BMW M5… There`s even an airborne `face off` between two top commercial airlines, a Boeing 747 that`s overtaking a Boeing 737!

So, just check out the following video, and enjoy these insanely cool face offs and top speed overtakes! And for those of you who`re interested in reading an interesting article about some of the fastest street legal rides, go to this link!