Magnificent Drag Duel! Lamborghini Huracan VS 14’ CBR 1000RR! Check Out This Fantastic Lamborghini Drag Racing!

Some people can argue that the only way to go super-fast is in a supercar. For those people we have a great surprise. Because, in this lovely automotive world we also have superbikes. And just as the word indicates, you can go super-fast in a superbike as well. Do you know why? Because this awesome superbike has a weight to power ratio of closely 1 to 1! Meaning, the Honda CBR 1000RR is going to be one hell of a challenge to the Lambo. A fantastic and tense Lamborghini drag racing is in store!

The engine specifications of the Lamborghini Huracan is 610 horsepower in all wheels. This Italian beauty is equipped with the latest technology as well. But in terms of acceleration, the Honda CBR 1000RR has an advantage over the Lambo. And to make it more spectacular, this Honda CBR superbike has nearly three times less power than the Lambo. We believe this dominance in acceleration for the CBR superbike is due to its weight ratio. The Honda CBR superbike is a marvelous piece of machinery!

The Lamborghini Huracan and the Honda CBR superbike here are racing at insane speed. And that is not all, what needs great praise in this video, is the way it is shot. At one point in the video we have a wide shot of these two giants passing at immense speed. At this particular frame, we can see the dominance of the Honda CBR superbike when it comes to acceleration.

This Lamborghini drag racing is filmed on a public road. And these two opponents are showing their speed to the hilt. Now, we really don`t support a conduct like this. We always encourage taking your car or bike to a race track if you want to do an experiment like this.

However, we just had the desire to share this video with you guys. And our point here is simple. We just wanted to present to you that superbikes can indeed destroy supercars!

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