CUSTOM HONDA SHADOW 600 Inspired By Henderson 1930!

Just as it is the case with the numerous and various custom built cars, starting from the vintage Detroit muscles, all the way to the latest aftermarket models, that are taking an inspiration in the old cars, it is pretty much the same when it comes to motorcycles too. People want to build vehicles that are inspired by the old-timers! I guess that there is that unique sparkle of inner magic in all of those old creations, that are inspiring today`s builders to implement some of their design features in today`s builds. Here we have one such bike example that is coming from the far-away land of Vietnam, a Honda Shadow 600 bike, highly customized and inspired by the old Henderson 1930 motorcycle.

I`m sure that those of you who are deep into motorcycle scene, will recognize the features right away. And all of the others, to whom this will be something quite new, I believe that they will be equally impressed.

So, just check out the video below and see this Deep East Honda built yourself, and afterwards, you can share your thoughts about it with us in the comment section below. And for those of you who want to see many more Honda custom bikes, click here.