When it comes to the big time pickup truck fans and enthusiasts, watching some clean, sharp and powerful truck in action is always a real pleasure for the eyes. But on top of that, if you have a jaw-dropping and very powerful example of your favorite brand, then we are talking about a whole another level of satisfaction. Thus, I believe that the following Ford F250 Powerstroke specimen is going to be a real treat for all Ford truck fans…

So, what we have here is one of the best Ford F250 Powerstroke trucks that we had seen in a quite a while, which belong to a guy named Zac Cotter, who made this video to present his customized road monster.

Even from a first look at it, it`s clear that there are numerous and various changes and customizations that have been made on this great truck, starting with the color changing front lights, lift kit, and many other things that make it as awesome as it is. It goes without saying that under the hood there is the 7.3 liter Ford Power Stroke motor.

Thus, you better have a look at the following footage and see this great truck having a taste of the road and doing little burnouts. And if you want to learn more about a stock version of this truck, check out this link.