7.3 Powerstroke BURNOUT Performance! This Is How CLOUDS Are MADE!

Ok, we cannot swear and claim for sure that it is a turbo, but it sure seems like it is, and it is one hell of a good one. We have all seen great trucks expressing their engine power and strength by doing terrifying rubber burnouts and creating clouds of smoke, and if we have to make some kind of a list of the best ones, this 7.3 liter Powerstroke burnout will definitely find its place there.

Everyone who is In the world of mechanics is (at least) familiar with the legendary 7.3 liter Power Stroke engine, that was introduced to the world together with the turbocharger, and of course, the naturally aspirated 7.3 liter IDI. There are some people who are arguing that it is only a rough variant of the IDI (more likely about the design), but the reality is that judging by their operation, these two are on completely opposite sites. But it is totally undeniable fact that this is one mean and powerful motor. By the year of 1999, one million Power Strokes were built, and by 2002, additional two million rolled off the production line. Unfortunately after 2003 it had to be retired, because of the new federal emissions regulations. However, this is the engine that gave completely new meaning of terms like reliability, endurance, performance…

The following Powerstroke burnout video that you are about to see, is a very good example of everything above mentioned. The guys have equipped themselves with a GoPro camera and recorded one of the longest burnouts that I have ever seen, just to blow off that Turbo 7.3 liter Powerstroke. Take a look!