If by any chance some of you would take the title literally, when it comes to making a decision which one of these great pickup trucks would you choose and pick as your favorite, it really would be a tough choice to make. Well, at least for some of you. Definitely not for the ones who are deep Into pickup trucks, as I`m sure that they know well what do they want, and which one of the Ford PowerStroke and the Chevy Duramax is their choice.

We have already written numerous articles about the differences between these two truck brands, as well as emphasizing the fact that there is a long ongoing `battle` between the fans of Ford and Chevy trucks. Which one is more powerful, more efficient, faster…in other words, better, however you look at it! And, as always, I`ll just mention that we won`t take sides or say which one do we think is better.

Those of you who are following us on a regular basis, especially the truck section, probably remember the article that had a very good video that was featuring one of the best comparison between the 2015 Ford F250 and 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500HD, in a frame twisting test, which gave pretty clear answers about certain issues. Of course, there are other moments that need to be taken (and had been, actually) into a consideration, like the power of the motor, the speed, and others.

So, here is another good clip that is showing us two fine examples of F250 Ford Powerstroke and Duramax powered Chevy Silverado 2500HD trucks, that will be a real joy and pleasure to watch, for every pickup truck aficionado. So, without further adieu, check it out and enjoy in it!

And if you want to see another interesting clip that features a tug of war moment between Ford Power Stroke and Chevy Duramax, click here.