SUPER CHIEF Is A Terrible Looking 2006 FORD F250 CONCEPT!

Here we go with one of those videos that are a real treat and bulls-eye for all those amongst you who love great looking and powerful pickup trucks! And of course, this goes double if you are a Ford truck fan, because the following example, even though almost a decade old, is definitely one of the most impressive Ford F250 concept examples that we have seen in a long time!

And not just that the fact that it looks terribly awesome, one of the main features of the Ford F250 concept Super Chief truck concept is that is actually the very first vehicle in the world, using the so called Tri-Flex fueling, which enables that supercharged V10 motor to be able to for 500 miles, before you have to stop for a hydrogen fill-up, or if you go for the E85 ethanol or gasoline variant.

According to the official data, when it runs on hydrogen, the powerful V10 has up to 12% fuel economy improvement, compared with the non- supercharged V10 that runs on a gas. None years ago, it was considered that this would definitely be the future, and that using hydrogen will completely replace gasoline and diesel. But…

However, we are not here to give a lecture about the eco system, but to show you this awesome Ford F250 monster, especially in a case you have missed it. and even if you haven`t, check out the video and tae a look at the great and powerful Super Chief.

And if you want to find out more about it, go to this link.