Here is a video clip that will be a real feast for the eyes of all those who love the all-American pickup trucks, way more than a classic Detroit muscle, or some of those fast as hell imports. Because I know that even though there is no lack of jaw-dropping trucks, that are mesmerizing all of us with their power and beauty, yet, we do not get to see many truck examples that are able to set the strip on fire with an 8 second pass like this Twin Turbo truck!

And that is exactly what we have here, in the video below, which is the best proof that nowadays, fast as hell vehicles are coming in all shapes and sizes. That is why it should not be a surprise that we are seeing more and more trucks present on the drag race strips.

The following twin turbo truck, Chevy Silverado, equipped with a twin turbo kit, is one of the best examples of everything above mentioned. It is a truck that will make any Need for Speed aficionado to start craving for one such specimen, which is setting an example of all that we should see in a street legal drag vehicle.

Check it out and enjoy it! And if you want to see the fastest Twin Turbo LS powered truck, go to this link.