Those of you who are following the muscle cars, especially the classic American muscles, know well that when it comes to the 1970 Plymouth Duster, these vintage Mopar beasts are really not easy to be found. Probably all of you who are following us regularly, have also noticed that it is also not even very often that we get to show you a video of some Duster example, let alone to have a chance to see one in the real life. That is why we think that the following clip (even though it is not of the best quality) would be a real treat for all of you who love this great car!

So, the car is a Pro Touring 1970 Plymouth Duster, it is equipped with a 318 cubic inch V8 engine, mated to a A-833 4-speed transmission, but we do not know just how much horse and torque power it is boosting. But watching the video, one thing is for sure – this surely is one greatly modified car, with lots of taste and style.

So, without too much unnecessary chit chats about it, you better have a look at the video clip below, and later on, you can tell us what you think about it in the comment section below. And for those of you who want to find out something more about the stock version of the 1970 Plymouth Duster, click here.