Guy Put A Hayabusa Motor In a MINI!

If you think you have seen just everything in the world of Minies, you are wrong. Seen one with a Hayabusa motor?

Hayabusa Motor In a Mini 2

Last time we checked out a Mini with a Honda V-Tec engine which featured on a car show in Australia. It as a Mini Morris event and various people from all over the country showed what they owned. There was literary anything you could ever want. And just as we thought we had seen everything, the video below appeared and knocked everybody on the ground. This super Mini weighs just 1,000lbs and is equipped with a Hayabusa Motor. These guys stopped to have a chat with the owner and discuss its features, which by the way are absolutely amazing. This little monster is capable of producing 250 HP!

How about that for a Mini! They go under the hood to check out how that Hayabasa motor looks like. Then they asked the owner if he could take them for a ride and he was than happy to give them a once in a life time experience. It has got the classic black and green color combination. It is a tight fit but they manage to get in.

The fun begins just as they power up the engine. We hear its roaring sound and everyone is excited. Once you take a look on the inside you can see that the rear seats have been taken out in order to install the engine. What do you think of it, is this the best Mini so far?

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