Peugeot 106 Is A HUGE TURBO Monster With 500HP!

This incredible 500HP Peugeot 106 HUGE TURBO Monster was spotted at the “Time Attack Italia” event at the Franciacorta circuit! This crazy Turbo Peugeot 106 was custom build from the owner itself and he was also driving him around the track. The Monster still has the stock 1.6 ccm 16 Valve inline 4-engine  under the hood which has been tuned in order to produce more than 500 horsepower!

Check out the video with this Peugeot being driven on the race track, turn your speakers on and enjoy the sound! It looks like it has little problems with the traction but I think it needs not more than  $2,000 invested in tires and suspension and it will be much better vehicle on the track.

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