This 80’s Hatchback Toyota Corolla Has A Huge TURBO & Crazy 2JZ Swap! Over 1500HP!

80s hatchback Toyotas weren`t really common in the United States but this one is pure gold – someone put a 2JZ engine with the power of over 1500hp! That is incredibly overpowered and you can see it when this little hatchback Toyota Corolla starts jumping, just itching to get to the racing part! Of course, it leaves its opponents in the dust, and when you play the video you`ll see that those are some incredibly well-built and maintained cars that you`d expect them to be able to run circles around any 80s Toyota. Well, that`s not the case right now!

The turbo attached to this little hatchback Toyota Corolla (or is it the other way around?) is so huge, it sticks out of the hood! The guys were there to compete in the Arabian pro series racing event, and they made a reason to celebrate. With that Toyota there, nobody even stood a chance. A Mustang even failed to catch up with it. All in all, this is a pretty awesome car (or turbo with a car) and I think it would do very well in racing – now all you have to do is convince the owners to compete overseas!

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