Poor Mustang! Learn How NOT To Load A Car In A Truck!

The best way to improve our life performance is to learn from the mistakes we make. However, in order to avoid the learning-from-mistakes process, the best thing to do would be to make sure that you won`t let a mistake occur in the first place. Ask, read, research, discover. Do whatever it takes so you won`t be in a position to regret, like this poor Mustang situation.

Anyhow, the following video will give you the exact idea of what we meant in the paragraph above, in just 18 seconds! Believe us, this situation is tragicomic! At first, it all looks like an everyday task. A box truck parked in front of a garage with two ramps attached to it. A picture that indicates loading a car into a truck. And so it was, until the driver almost placed the car in the truck!

Namely, after he put ¾ of the car in the truck he realized that he needed a bit more power to put the poor Mustang GT completely inside! He stepped on the gas pedal and BAM – the ramps and the car itself went down! And all that is nicely caught on video. We sincerely hope that this man now knows that he needs to use pins at the top of the ramps to secure their position.

At last, click here to watch one motorbike loading fail that will surely make your day!