Fresh Out Of The Kitchen Comes The Mini HARDTOP Edition!

If you’re excited to read this news, let us tell you that you have every right to keep so! Mini figured out that they could add some additional power to the 4 door version and it would make a perfect match! However, if you`re thinking of getting one, you must know that only 150 of the Mini Hardtop editions will eventually get an owner!

new mini morris hardtop edition 1

new mini morris hardtop edition 7

This new Carbon Edition will make its debut with the 4 door Cooper S which will now have a 208 HP enforcement! And this is not the only addition, many more are here such as LED headlights, panoramic sunroof, system for navigation as well as a J.S.W. trim from the interior!

Finally, this is the list of Mini’s limited editions!

new mini morris hardtop edition 8