We live in an era where we can get the most of the technology, because things are cheaper and more available than ever! Technology is also a rapidly changing thing which is pretty hard to follow. But if you focus on a particular branch, and if you pay enough of attention, you can easily keep up. When it comes to us, we are trying to follow what`s happening new in several different technological segments (as you may have noticed so far) but of course, the main accent is on the technology related to what we know best – vehicles! However, this S550 Mustang is something special.

Thus, we decided to show you one brief video that features the gimmick that will make your car more distinguishable than the other in a very unique, subtle manner. It is not something that pops in the eye, but for sure it is something that will make others turn around. We are talking about the color changing LED headlights which in this case are mounted on an S500 Mustang! It is not much, but this gadget will make your car look better than the other ones. Could you tell us what color would you choose?

Finally, follow this link to see the most amazing custom LED tail lights installed on the legendary Nissan GT-R R35 Godzilla!