Guy Makes Incredible CAR SOUNDS With His MOUTH!

It is unbelievable to see all the coolness that this Earth carries around! The World has seen a lot, and it has produced much! Many awesome people walked on this planet such as inventors, scientists, writers, actors and many more! However, we would like to present to you Sick McVick who truly is sick – in the best way possible, of course! If you have never heard of him, and chances are big, this guy has the talent of doing impressions of car sounds! We swear, if you would only have the sound without the picture, you would get the impression that a racing video is going on in the background – that`s how good he is!

This time, he decided to impress us by doing car sounds of Mazda 787B, 1968 Camaro, Honda Civic, M5 Turbo and many more! The variety of cars shows as that this one-man-show can do different types of cars: sports cars, muscle cars and even race cars! If you thought you had a friend that is good at doing car sound impressions, this is where you will be REALLY AMAZED! Take a look, and have fun with Sick McVick!

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