Cherry Bomb 1968 Camaro – Just Send That BABY To Me!

When you have an ambitious idea that you are willing to realize, visionary team and enough positive vibes and will power to do it, than the final result is inevitably awesome. Such is the example with one of the best muscle cars that I have ever seen in my life and which we are going to present to you in the following video – the Cherry Bomb 1968 Camaro.

Cherry Bomb 1968 Camaro was a car that appeared on the scene in the late 60s, but it reached its pick of popularity through the decade of the 70s. So, the creation of today`s Cherry Bomb was some kind of a tribute that its constructors wanted to give to the period of time. The initial idea was to create a car that will pay a respect to that era of the 70s and at the same time to have a strong relation with the contemporary design. And that is exactly what they came up with.

As you can presume, many of the old parts were replaced with new, many components were custom build and after many working hours in the garage, the idea started to gain form and shape. Under the hood there is a LSX 427 engine that produces astonishing 800HP and I do not even want to start about the exterior. If you ask me to pick one perfect muscle car, I think that this would be it. Take a look.

Apparently, this here is a list of the best Camaros ever!

Enjoy the video below!

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OMG! “Cherry Bomb” 1968 Camaro! Just Send that Ride to my House!