NISSAN Leaf GLOW IN THE DARK Car Resembles Of One!

It is a pleasure to be among the first to show you new, interesting stuff. Today we present to you rather fascinating, revolutionary, cutting edge gimmick. We are talking about an invention by UK`s arm of Nissan. You probably think that they came out with new under the hood part, but no. Nissan invented a paint! A Nissan Leaf glow in the dark paint! How cool is that? All credits go to the creator Hamish Scott. Although it is fair to say that the company admits that they are not among the first makers of such paint, but the developing of the paint is what they did special.

This is ultraviolet-energized paintjob. This paint absorbs the sunlight and then it glows up to 10 hours during the night. Moreover, the creator thinks that this paint can last for 25 years and it is one of a kind because it is made completely of organic materials. The paint has a name too, it is called STARPATH. However there is a bummer, the materials needed to create this paint are so rare, therefore it is still early for mass production.

This paint is available for the Nissan Leaf model. Anyway, when talking about UFOs, what’s this?