EPIC HAUL TRUCK DRIFTING! Komatsu Truck Sliding & Drifting Under 300 TONS Of Load!

On a very slippery road and with 300 tons of load this Komatsu truck driver just desired to drive to his destination without any problems. He definitely didn`t expect to lose control, however you always need to be prepared for the worst. This driver was definitely prepared for any possible problem thrown at him. Because of the terrible road conditions, the Komatsu truck which weighs around 50 tons had a bit of a difficulty driving straight. To avoid crashing, the driver unleashed his mad skills and performed one insane drift. The sight of a haul truck drifting is definitely not something you can witness every day.

This driver managed to drift his massive Komatsu haul truck at an around 180 degrees rotation. That is quite mind-blowing. We can`t see any elite drifter performing something like this. We are terribly sorry Ken Block. It is very unlikely that you can drift a Komatsu that weighs around 360 tons. This drift was purely accidental, but the skills this truck driver possesses can`t be underestimated. This truck is surely extremely powerful with around 3500 horses at its disposal. The guy who uploaded this video warned us to never attempt this at home. Yeah right, like all of us have a 360 ton Komatsu truck in our garage. Check out the haul truck drifting spectacle in the video below!

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