Outstanding Excavator Driver Loads Onto A Truck Without A Ramp! Mad Skills Right Here!

You would think that to load a digger onto a truck, you need a ramp, right? Wrong! In this one, we have one extremely skilled excavator driver who loads his excavator without any assistance whatsoever. See how far improvisation and skill can get you? With using the only equipment at his disposal, which is the excavator itself, and some outstanding maneuvering, he managed to do one incredible feat. The footage shows the operator approaching the truck with the excavator`s bucket raised. Then he lowers the bucket into the truck`s bed. With the help of the bucket, he manages to put the excavator`s tracks on the back of the truck`s bed.

By lifting the arm, he pivots the cab and reverses safely into the truck. This is a proof that sometimes practical wisdom beats theoretical knowledge. This excavator driver is like a surgeon with an excavator. With it, he is able to paddle a boat, push a truck and even light a cigarette! He goes to show that only an amateur needs a ramp. We don`t mean this seriously of course, you should always use a ramp obviously, safety first. However, we got to give mad props to this very skillful operator. Take a look at the video, and tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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