What To Do If Your TRUCK Has NO REVERSE Gearbox?!

We often find ourselves in some unexplainable events when dealing with our rides. We catch ourselves into problematic situations as we do not seem to find the way out! However, Gearheads seem to be very creative when it comes to this point as they think of the most ridiculous thing that you can think of! We have seen many times how people use everything they have in order to improvise something that would make their lives easier. In this given situation we have a real inventor whose truck doesn’t have a reverse gearbox!

Probably, then he was consulting with people about this problem, most of them told him that it`s time to take her to the junkyard where ‘no reverse gearbox’ cars belong!

Anyway, as you can see from the video, this guy never listened to them and he actually solved this problem! Now, even though he has no reverse on his truck, he can always improvise it when he needs to move back for a little bit! What he did, was tying up some strong chains to the chassis, while fixing them strongly to the tires!

By doing this he makes the car go in reverse even thou he is going forward! This Is very hard to imagine without watching the video, so take a look at it and share your opinion!

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