Teenage Drifter Haitham Al Hadidy Crowned To Be Red Bull Car Park Drift Champion of 2016 In Oman! Watch The Performance!

Young talents are all this world needs and we have got one coming fresh out of the drift lab! Youngest drifter to ever win the Red Bull Car Park Drift Championship of Oman is Haitham Al Hadidy. This chap is 18 years old and has performed a flawless run on the drift map! He danced the platform like nothing proving to everyone how easy all that is for him. This might be the next Ken Block as this performance reminded a lot of a Gymkhana video! Haitham Al Hadidy claimed the crown by winning 11 other drifters competing in this clash.

Two of those were his fellow compatriots – Omanis! The 18 years old performed for the first time at the Red Bull Car Park Drift and it was remarkable. He won 390 points and won the hearts of the audience! A fun fact is that Al Hadidy only got his driver`s license three months ago, and he is already the king of drift in Oman. Of course, that is what you get when you train hard and put yourself into the obstacles you need to overcome. Meet Haitham, the 18 years old drifter, winner of the Red Bull Car Park Drift – 2016!

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