ROMAIN JEANDROT’s GYMKHANA Bike Video! Best Stunt Riding!

There is one passion we all have in this weird Gear World, and that`s stunting! Bike stunts are getting more and more popular nowadays, so we ran into this video that we would like to show you! The video, actually, presents something that we might have already seen with a car. Not just any car, the HOONIGAN, or also known as KEN BLOCK`s Ford Mustang! We know his famous Gymkhanas, now it`s time we give a chance to ROMAIN JEANDROT and his Gymkhana Bike! The French is only 24 and rides his bike like he has so many years of experience! The talent on this one is huge!

In addition, we would like to mention that the French biker has won many important awards such as 1st SbI competition France 2013, 1st world championship competition Morocco 2014, 1st SBF freestyle competition Europe London 2015 and 1st Sickest Trick sbf, as well as 1st West bike show competition France 2015! These are all first places, we don`t even want to bother you with his awards that include 2nd and 3rd places! Anyway, he amazed us with his skills, his drifts and bike handling! It is time for you to be amazed too, cheers!

At last, follow this link to watch how one female drift stunter did a crazy prank on her driver instructor by being disguised as a nerd! Hilarious Gymkhana Bike video!