GT vs F1 Speed Comparison At Spa-Francorchamps!

This speed comparison video shows us why Formula 1 cars are by far the fastest compared to all other cars. The author of this video decided to demonstrate this in one of the most famous racing tracks in motorsport history – Spa-Francorchamps. If you chose one corner of this legendary track of course you`ll go for the legendary Eau Rouge. To some, this corner is the most exciting of them all on the entire Formula 1 calendar. Why? Well, the Eau Rouge-Raidillon complex is an insane sweeping uphill sequence and because of this it`s utterly breathtaking.

GT VS F1 Speed Comparison 2

Here, racers race downhill and go left before going up the valley. This corner peaks at an eighteen percent gradient. To make things even more exciting, the final left-hander is completely blind making it a phenomenal spectacle. Now, let`s go back on topic and focus on the speed comparison a bit. You`ll see F1 cars going so fast here through Eau Rouge that you`ll think that the video is sped up. However, we can assure you that the video is not sped up and that it`s 100% real. F1 cars have an insane amount of power and downforce.

However, despite the huge power and downforce, F1 cars also weigh very little. To get a real appreciation of a Formula 1 car`s monstrous attributes you must see it compared to something more pedestrian like these GT cars. This is an older video made back in 2011 which means that you can also enjoy the screaming V10-powered monsters as they enter Eau Rouge.

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