This Guy Built A Road Legal Custom F1 Car & We Love It!

Just imagine going to the bank with your custom F1 car that is road legal. All eyes on you!

Guy Built A Road Legal Custom F1 car 1

Have you ever dreamed of driving a F1 car? Just imagine the speed and the power you can feel. Most of us have probably already had the opportunity to come close to a F1 car but not many have actually had the chance to sit behind the steering wheel. But what if all this comes true and you get to drive it out in your neighborhood? How cool would that be.

That is why we take a look at the following video and we see such custom F1 car which is LEGAL to be driven out on the road, not only on the tracks. So how this is possible what does it look like?

Well, it is powered by 190BHP Kawasaki engine and it does 0 to 60 in just 3.5 seconds.

As much as 17 such F1 cars have been built and all with the help of one man`s` skillful hands. We do not know how time consuming they truly are to make, but it sure takes quite a while to build one custom F1 car.

What is even cooler is that there is a seat for another driver, just behind the driver. You simply have to take off the top and you are good to go. You can go shopping with it, go get yourself a McDonald`s meal or go to work.

All this is done in a legal way. What do you think, would you ever trust such a car and use is as your daily drive?

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