79-year-old Rosemary Smith drives a Formula 1!

People say that you always have to follow your passion in life and fulfill them whenever possible. Such people who always do that serve as an inspiration as well as role models for younger generations. Does the name Rosemary Smith ring a bell to you?

79-year-old Rosemary Smith drives a Formula 1 renault 1

Some of the elders probably have heard of her and in the following video we take a look at who she is and what is she capable of doing. Her passion is driving really, really fast. She was among the first woman to ever become a professional driver. During her lifetime she has won many awards and competitions. Though it was difficult at her time to be accepted by the male drivers, it was her talent and passion which helped her get through it.

This time we take a look at this Renault commercial and see Rosemary Smith test driving a Formula 1. How cool is that? She goes through a process of learning everything about the Formula itself until everyone is 100% sure that she is ready to hit the road. She feels a bit hazy at the start but then she grabs hand on it. Everyone is shocked to see how well she handles the Formula 1.

Moreover, on 10th May 2017, Rosemary became the oldest person to drive an 800 BHP race car. This inspirational story was filmed due to the Renault celebration of 40 years in Formula 1. What do you think, will this woman serve as an inspiration to you to always follow and fulfill your dreams?

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