Buy Your Own Formula 1 Race Car on this Website!

All of us enjoy watching F1, but not many have had the chance to sit, let alone drive a Formula 1 race car. But what if all of this comes true in just a matter of minutes?

The website below offers just that, you can purchase your own F1 car from there. A number of cars are listed as well as engines, bodywork and genuine parts.

Formula 1 Race Car Formula Buy Get Website 2

All you need is some cash and some free time to go through them and pick the one you like the most. It features older and some newer models and the price range vary according to the condition and the year of production.

Formula 1 Race Car Formula Buy Get Website 3

The cheapest one you can get is the 1991 Dallara F391 which costs 13,000.00 pounds. The most expensive model is the Jordan EJ13 which sells for 420,000.00 pounds. More shocking is the fact that a single engine costs more than a whole Formula 1 race car, but all depends on how good or bad the condition is.

Formula 1 Race Car Formula Buy Get Website 4

The Dodge Viper GT2 Oreca Competition Coupe is also listed for sale and goes for around 78,000.00 pounds. What do you think, will you ever purchase such a beast and drive it around just to show off?

Formula 1 Race Car Formula Buy Get Website9

For more details and all the prices visit: Memento Exclusives official website.