Greatest DIESEL Sound Ever! This is What A Huge & Powerful ENGINE Should Sound Like!

Dosh, is a three year old French bulldog that is a real gearhead and he perfectly shows that in this video. Actually he decided to impersonate his favorite engine which is diesel. We all know how a proper diesel engine sounds, and after watching Dosh`s diesel impression you will find it very legit. This is probably something unseen before so prepare to witness something incredible from the animal world. To be frank, Dosh most probably doesn`t have a clue what a diesel powered engine is, but his panting is so spot on it will make you wonder. A real phenomenon when it comes to a French bulldog panting.

This dog definitely deserves Hollywood status. We can easily see Dosh starring in some major motion picture as the main protagonist. The diesel impression comes after Dosh was exhausted from running around. Because of that, he is panting heavily which is typical for most French bulldogs. However, the way he hyperventilates is a real marvel. His panting might make you hyperventilate as well, that`s how powerful it is! Before watching the video, just close your eyes, hit play and enjoy! This French bulldog panting will definitely make it sound like you are listening to a roaring diesel engine.

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