Criminal’s Worst Nightmare! This Police Grappler Bumper Brings Bad Guys’ Cars To A Halt During High-Speed Pursuits!

This Grappler bumper looks like an invention straight out of a James Bond movie. It is a very nasty little contraption that can be mounted on police car`s bumpers and can stop a high-speed pursuit in its tracks, securely and safely. Most GM pickups and SUVs have a differential that locks if only one wheel is locked up as long as the vehicle is traveling below 40mph. For example, if the vehicle is traveling at 65mph, only one wheel locks up, until it drops below that 40mph. This makes for a very controlled stop. If it doesn`t have one of those locking differentials, it will still slow the vehicle, most likely below 30mph.

Every time the vehicle slows down to a certain point, it cannot regain the lost speed. Meaning that if the vehicle slows down to make a turn at 25mph, it can`t get higher than that. If it comes to a stop for whatever reason, the vehicle is completely immobilized. The grappler bumper can be camouflaged as a bicycle frame for tactical operations or unmarked vehicles. Otherwise, it looks like two horns on the car`s bumper. However, this contraption is pretty big which may not work on all types of police vehicles. Nevertheless, we are very interested to see if this invention takes off. It looks pretty revolutionary. What do you think?

At last, follow this link to see the scooter boy who outsmarted the police on the road!