KEN BLOCK – Depth Look Into The Life Of Gymkhana Master, DC Shoes Co-Founder & Marketing Whiz!

Ken Block is now 49 years old, but his enthusiasm towards car stunts and rally racing is still powerful as ever. He is also a very successful businessmen being the co-founder of DC Shoes which is one of the most popular action sports footwear brand in the world. His love for sports goes beyond stunt driving and car racing though. He also loves snowboarding. That`s why he lives in the mountains where he also raises his three children. We can learn a lot about him in this video from the GoPro Driven Series. We can find out how he exactly landed in the fastest Ford there is.

While he still dreams about a World Rallycross Championship title and works very hard to achieve that goal, his Gymkhana videos are always going viral and are one of the biggest gearhead hits on YouTube. From dirt bikes and skateboarding through a passion with design to becoming the founder of a very successful business and securing a state-of-the-art racing monster backed by Ford, Mr. Block is living the American dream. It means working very hard while attempting to avoid the tedious side of life. This definitely sounds like something all people can aspire to. Click on the video below and Mr. Hoonigan will tell you his story in this episode of GoPro Driven!

Here are some fun facts about the legendary driver Ken Block! Follow this link!