Gold Rolls Royce Causes a Subaru STI WRX to Crash!

As we all know Beverly Hills is full of very expensive custom made luxury cars, supercars and American muscle cars shipped from Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the other countries from middle east. Additionally, there was a Monterey Car Week going on in the city, so it has become pretty much ridiculous in this period of the year. All those amazingly beautiful cars are cruising around the city so this guy just decided to shoot a video when he spotted this Gold Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe with a gold paintjob.

Gold Rolls Royce Causes a Subaru STI WRX to Crash 2

Actually, the cars crashed into one another while the drivers were looking at this incredible beautiful convertible Rolls Royce. As car enthusiasts, we all interested to see a beautiful exclusive luxury or supercar. However it’s very important to keep your eyes on the road at the same time. The guy who filmed this video could not find a better moment because he just caught the Subaru, Mercedes and the white Nissan to crashing one to another.

Anyway that was not a regular Subaru. It was actually Limited Edition Subaru STI WRX that is pretty rare and most of the people who are into cars will show much bigger respect for that car than to the gold Rolls Royce.

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