This Abandoned Mercedes Has Been Left In A Parking Lot For Years!

Somewhere in the Czech Republic, lies an abandoned Mercedes Benz SLR that could probably sell for a lot of money even now! The alluring car has been designed to perfection and it had probably been driven for a while and used for some sort of criminal activity, so the police confiscated it back in 2010. The second set of pictures was taken in February of 2017 and the car looks incredibly desolate, almost undrivable.

Abandoned Mercedes Left Parking Lot Years! (2)

However, you`d be a fool to believe it – this machine can take a lot of abuse, even if it looks too pretty to be used after a long stint of doing nothing – a mechanic or two and a few hours of time and they`ll get it up and running in no time! Apparently, this abandoned Mercedes Benz SLR has company at the impound lot – it`s joined by a bunch of Porsche 911`s some X5s and X6s, as well as a bunch of Hummers and Audi`s that are just standing there rotting away slowly. The police doesn`t even allow for people to go and see these legendary cars, let alone photograph them, so how the guy that published these pictures actually got a hold of them is a mystery to me.

This abandoned Mercedes Benz SLR is now awaiting trial in the impound lot, and afterwards the court can decide whatever it wants when it comes to ownership. They might return it to its original owner or they might auction it off and make some money. Either way, we haven`t seen the last of this car!

Meanwhile, this Mercedes-Benz unveiled in Miami is a real eye-catcher!

Stárnout lze s noblesou -- zde se to moc nepodařilo…aneb co se stane s autem, když 6 let parkuje na policejním parkovišti bez údržby … Auto jsme fotili v dubnu 2010 a pak v únoru 2017.SLR was confiscated by police and is parked for 6 years on the police parking, where he waits to court decision. We took these photos in april 2010 and in february 2017 Shmee150 Marchettino alexsmolik

Posted by Magazín ProDriver CZ on Wednesday, February 15, 2017